• 7 Signs You Are Playing a Poker Professional

    While the poker world is open and available to anyone, it’s not always easy knowing who you’re dealing with. A game can be won by a single hand or in an entire tournament; however, if one doesn’t know what they are looking for, then discrimination could lead them astray when trying their luck at playing cards online.

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    The next time you’re playing poker, take note of these signs to help spot a professional player at your table. -They have an impeccable track record and never seem distracted by anyone or anything around them; in fact, they appear pretty calm even when other players make mistakes that would generally enrage most people into betting harder than before (1). This perception may stem from how well trained these professionals are in reading facial expressions so as not to be fooled by artificiality used during gameplay, such as acting out geysers happening on purpose just after someone else bets high because he knows something big is coming(2), or finding ways around Royal Flush.

    7. Alcohol Consumption

    6. Chip Stacking

    Whether it’s a beer or double Jack and Coke, no right-minded professional poker player would consume alcohol before or during game time. Suppose he’s drinking anything, then you can probably rule him out as an amateur!

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    6. Chip Stacking

    Stack your chips correctly, and you’ll be sure to show up as a professional. Some players, like amateurs (those without much experience), may stack their small pile on top of larger ones or vice versa- this is poor form because it’s considered an amateur strategy that can make gameplay difficult for those who try different strategies during gameplay; however, one good indication that someone might belong in this category would be if they had more big bets behind smaller amounts – typically found only with pros!

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    5. Age

    As you can see, many factors determine how good of a poker player someone is. When playing against an online opponent, one thing could be their age and where they work or live because it may give insight into what kind of profession he has as well!

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    6. Chip Stacking

    4. Excitement

    The professional will show extreme disinterest in the event and probably nods and smiles at what amateurs say. The average joe might get excited when three kings fall on his flop or someone makes quads; however, he’ll quickly return to calmness because this isn’t new for a him-in fact; we’ve seen it happen before! He doesn’t care about any of these events — it’s just kind of there -an annoying little detail that needs attention if you want your game played professionally.

    3. Looking At Your Hole Cards

    One of the telltale signs you’re playing a professional poker player is where their eyes are after two cards have been dealt. An amateur will usually look at his hole card immediately and give off tells to opponents while regular players wait before taking a glance themselves–but pros aren’t like this! The best-looking ones in today’s world can Read You Like A Book – they’ll be staring intently without any expression on their face or body language whatsoever (which may make them seem completely emotionless).

    2. V.P.I.P.

    The V.P.I.P. or voluntarily put in the pot is one of the most accurate signs that you’re playing a professional. A player with an 18%-20% average will get involved every 5 hands, while amateurs might have higher VPips since they tend to be excited by any opportunity to win more money online poker. “This means I should always bet when my hand has at least two cards?”

    1. Emotion

    Professional poker players can control their emotions, which gives them an edge over amateurs. You will never see a pro get upset after taking a bad beat or losing a big pot; they keep playing until another winning hand is available for you! Many pros also try convincing you that what happens in-game does not affect how these individuals act outside of it by faking certain emotional responses (such as excitement). This may seem like false advertising, but don’t let yourself fall into this trap – if something sounds too good…