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La Crème des Champs Camembert

Camembert La Crème des Champs offers a supple and unctuous interior with a soft taste of milk and hazelnuts.

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Chèvre des Alpes Refined

This surface soft ripened gives Chèvre des Alpes delicate goat flavour with a unique character.

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Chèvre des Alpes Plain fresh

Ideal for reception and as appetizers, Médaillons Chèvre des Alpes is a portioned fresh cheese perfect for platters.Chèvre des Alpes Cranberries and Maple Syrup present slightly tart festive flavours.

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Le Connaisseur Camembert

Camembert of choice and made according to French traditions, Le Connaisseur Camembert offers a soft ripened cheese with character.

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Chèvre des Alpes dough flavors

Chèvre des Alpes enhanced by a specially selected fine herbs’ mix.

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Tomme de Chèvre des Alpes

Tomme de Chèvre is a Semi-Firm surface-ripened cheese offering a melting and supple texture.

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Le Connaisseur Triple Cream Brie

Le Connaisseur Triple Crème is distinguished by its rich interior which is a pure delicacy.

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Chèvre des Alpes Half-Goat | Half-Cow

With its fresh taste and melting texture, Chèvre des Alpes Half-Goat | Half-Cow is a perfect fit on a platter or in recipes.

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Crème OKA

Spreadable OKA! This new Crème of Fine Cheese is perfect for tasty sauces, spreads, gourmet crackers, great tasting dips, as a fondue and other creative recipe ideas.

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