Unripened Chèvretine - PlaisirsetFromages.ca
  • Soft cheese
  • Goat's milk
  • Mild
  • France

Unripened Chèvretine Cheese

Chèvretine, a non-ripened smooth cheese made only from pure goat's milk, has a light texture that makes it easily spreadable. You will love what it does to your ready-made dishes.

Size(s) available :
113 g / Cut from the 1kg wheel
Cheese maker/Producer :
France - PlaisirsetFromages.ca / Lactalis
F.M. :
21 %
Moisture :
58 %

Chèvretine, a family of 4 cheeses to taste

Chèvretine, a family of 4 cheeses to taste - PlaisirsetFromages.ca

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