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The crème de la crème of fine cheeses

Discover the best fine cheeses made locally by our master cheese makers.

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1 Year-Old Le Chèvre Noir

Chèvre Noir is a cheddar type true maturing Goat cheese, which means it ages gracefully. It is ripened for a minimum of one year before being sold.

Canada -

3 Year-Old Agropur Grand Cheddar

Superior quality 3 year-old cheddar with a firm, satiny texture that blends well with the fruity, slightly sharp aroma.

Canada -

Agropur Import Collection

Taste the world on a platter

Taste the best speciality cheeses from everywhere in the world, imported by Agropur.

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Agropur Import Collection Roquefort

Made from raw goat's milk, Roquefort AIC is ripened in the original natural cellars located under the village of Roquefort.

France -

Stilton Agropur Import Collection

This blue veined English cheese is known for its aroma and strong taste and enjoyed by the most refined palates.

Angleterre -

Limburger Halali

Featuring a powerful and unique aroma of spices that becomes bolder with time.

Allemagne -

Parmigiano grated Il Villaggio

A very fresh Parmigiano Reggiano grated from Italy in a reclosable packaging.

Italie -

Parmigiano shaved Il Villaggio

Shaved, Parmigiano Reggiano makes your salads nice.

Italie -

Parmigiano Wedge Il Villaggio

The prince of italian cheeses, D.O.P, is made with traditionnal methods since centuries in the north of Italy.

Italie -

Sancy Bleu d'Auvergne

A typically "blue" cheese that speaks to the gourmet-lover in each of us.

France -