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The crème de la crème of fine cheeses

Discover the best fine cheeses made locally by our master cheese makers.

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2 Year-Old Agropur Grand Cheddar

World's best aged cheddar...

Canada -

Le Connaisseur Camembert

Camembert of choice and made according to French traditions, Le Connaisseur Camembert offers a soft ripened cheese with character.

Canada -

Le Connaisseur Triple Cream Brie

Le Connaisseur Triple Crème is distinguished by its rich interior which is a pure delicacy.

Canada -

Crème Grand Cheddar 3 years

Spreadable 3-Year old Agropur Grand Cheddar!

Fromagerie de St-Hyacinthe -

1 Year-Old Agropur Grand Cheddar

World's best aged cheddar...

Canada -

OKA L'Artisan Smoke

Now with a smoke flavour.

Fromagerie d'Oka -

OKA Classique

OKA Classique is made from specially selected cheese wheels that are aged for over 60 days in the original cellars of the Cistercian Abbey located in Oka.

Fromagerie d'Oka -

Agropur Import Collection

Taste the world on a platter

Taste the best speciality cheeses from everywhere in the world, imported by Agropur.

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Fromalp Fondue

A fondue that unites gruyere and emmental in a perfect blend prepared following the Swiss tradition.

Suisse -

Agropur Import Collection Manchego

AOC since 1991 and created centuries ago, Manchego is the most famous Spanish cheese.

Espagne -

Agropur Import Collection Iberico

Made in Spain, Iberico AIC has the uncommon feature to be made with pasteurized goat, cow and sheep milks.

Espagne -

Agropur Import Collection Sainte Maure

Agropur Import Collection Sainte Maure has a traditional good taste.

France -

Agropur Import Collection Comté

The Comté AIC is a French cheese made from unpasteurized cow's milk in the Franche-Comté region of eastern France.

France -

Le Rustique Camembert

A soft cheese that possesses the bold taste and bold flavour of cheeses made with raw milk.

France -

Le Rustique Brie

Delicious Brie with a pronounced flavour that holds well when it is cut.

France -

Le Rustique coulommiers

A delectably tasty soft cheese that possesses the characteristic powerful aroma of raw milk.

France -

Le Rustique light Camembert

Even though this cheese contains only 13 % M.F., its flavour is not diminished.

France -


An unctuous "triple crème" cheese featuring the distinct flavour of the noble Roqueforti fungus.

Allemagne -