Saint-Paulin -
  • Semi firm
  • Cow's milk
  • Mild
  • Oka cheesemaking facility

Saint-Paulin Cheese

Saint-Paulin Signature offers a smooth and soft buttery and nut flavour. It literally melts in your mouth. Perfect for a cheese tasting or at the end of a meal, our Saint-Paulin Signature will charm your guests. Crafted according to the authentic Trappist recipe, Saint-Paulin Signature is made by the Artisans of our Oka cheese facility and aged in the original cellars of the Oka Abbey.

Size(s) available :
Cut from the 2.8kg wheel/225g/Cut and packaged 200g
Cheese maker/Producer :
Fromagerie d'Oka - Fromagerie d'Oka
F.M. :
25 %
Moisture :
50 %

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