OKA with Mushrooms - PlaisirsetFromages.ca
  • Semi firm
  • Cow's milk
  • Mild
  • Oka cheesemaking facility

OKA with Mushrooms Cheese

Following tradition, Oka with mushrooms goes through a ripening process of over 35 days in the original cellars of the Cistercian Abbey located in Oka. Although it possesses the distinct legendary aroma of an Oka, it distinguishes itself by its superb strawcoloured rind that is dotted with mushroom pieces. Oka with mushrooms exquisitely mixes the characteristic flavour of the Oka with that of wild mushrooms and truffles. A refined masterpiece!

Size(s) available :
2.5kg wheel
Cheese maker/Producer :
Fromagerie d'Oka - PlaisirsetFromages.ca Oka cheesemaking facility
F.M. :
28 %
Moisture :
47 %

OKA Quebec's Original Treasure since 1893

OKA Quebec's Original Treasure since 1893 - PlaisirsetFromages.ca

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