OKA L'Artisan - PlaisirsetFromages.ca
  • firm
  • Cow's milk
  • Mild
  • Oka cheesemaking facility

OKA L'Artisan Cheese

OKA L'Artisan artfully combines the renowned traditional OKA taste with the irresistible flavour and distinct look of a European-style honeycombed cheese. The best of both worlds on your plate!

Size(s) available :
180g / 4.5 kg wheel / Portion Pack (5 x 20g) / Portion Pack (8 x 20g)
Cheese maker/Producer :
Fromagerie d'Oka - PlaisirsetFromages.ca Oka cheesemaking facility
F.M. :
28 %
Moisture :
42 %

OKA Quebec's Original Treasure since 1893

OKA Quebec's Original Treasure since 1893 - PlaisirsetFromages.ca

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