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OKA Quebec's Original Treasure since 1893


1. “I first tried OKA on a school trip. We all hopped on a yellow bus and drove out to the Abbey, and then we went underground to these big, stone caves to see OKA being made. I remember the special boots and white uniforms we had to put on. Very fashionable! The workers were so nice to us— and they carried those big cheese wheels around like they were really special. The cheese was so good!”
— Sarah, Montreal

2. “My husband and I had just arrived from France. We’d spend weekends exploring Quebec, getting to know our new home. I admit we were a little homesick! One Saturday we saw a sign on the highway for the OKA factory and decided to take a look. What cheese! OKA was as delicious as anything we’d ever had in France. It’s still one of our favourites”
— Marie, Trois-Rivières (originally from Marseilles)

3. “My father and my uncles Bill, Charlie and Michael used to make a yearly pilgrimage to the Abbey just before Christmas to buy a big wheel of OKA cheese. The four would then head home and slice the cheese into quarters, one for each of our families. To this day, OKA reminds me of the holidays and those trips my family used to take”
— Eric, Candiac

4. “Mom used to bring home these little wheels of OKA when we were small. How they smelled! At least to us kids. So she’d line them up between the windows to let them ripen on the sill— and to stop us from complaining, I guess! But when they were ready to eat— oh, were they good! I remember her making grilled cheese with OKA. What a treat”
— Gladys, Cornwall

5. “Sometimes when I’m at the grocery store, I’ll pick up a wedge of OKA just to smell it. It never fails to bring me right back to my childhood— especially the holidays when the whole family was over. There was always OKA on the table. I love to stop and smell that lovely cheese. It’s my little secret!”
— Joanne, Repentigny

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