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Fondue & Raclette

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The crème de la crème of fine cheeses

Discover the best fine cheeses made locally by our master cheese makers.

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OKA Raclette

The unique concept from which it was born gives it the characteristics of melting slowly when heated and browning without burning.

Fromagerie d'Oka -

Agropur Import Collection

Taste the world on a platter

Taste the best speciality cheeses from everywhere in the world, imported by Agropur.

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Fromalp Fondue

A fondue that unites gruyere and emmental in a perfect blend prepared following the Swiss tradition.

Suisse -

Fromalp Mini Fondue

For fondue-lovers, this cheese is perfect for all occasions.

Suisse -

Agropur Import Collection Fondue Gourmet

AIC Gourmet Fondue is made with Gruyère and Emmental cheese and is prepared following a traditional Swiss fondue recipe.

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