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Blue cheese

These cheeses are full of colour and flavour, and are commonly called “blue cheese.” They are marbled with veins of mould and are creamy in the mouth. Generally salty, these cheeses often have a biting flavour that becomes bolder with age. Their qualities make them perfect as a table cheese and that extra ingredient to add special taste to sauces. Roquefort and gorgonzola are two marbled cheeses

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Stilton Agropur Import Collection

This blue veined English cheese is known for its aroma and strong taste and enjoyed by the most refined palates.

Angleterre -


An unctuous "triple crème" cheese featuring the distinct flavour of the noble Roqueforti fungus.

Allemagne -

Sancy Bleu d'Auvergne

A typically "blue" cheese that speaks to the gourmet-lover in each of us.

France -