Agropur Import Collection Brie

Here is an agreeable, tender, bloomy rind cheese that one can serve without pretension every day, for a snack or as an appetizer to enliven those moments that precede a meal. The large cylinder features a creamy heart of great tenderness, agreeably nuanced with hints of Grenoble nuts and butter that like to play romantic music with many styles of beer. The delicate bitterness of the rind’s mushroom flavour seems softened by the pairings’ smoothness.

Compatibility with casual beers is spontaneous and natural, as reflected by the friendship that exists between Agropur Import Collection Brie and Rickard’s Red. A very light melting of grains and cream flows peacefully at first contact. This gentle stream becomes more and more discreet, letting the mushroom flavour express its freshness by the end of the after-taste. The more intense malt in blond lager beers enables the creation of real cheese spreads. The malt thus becomes bread. With Heineken, for example, we discover the nice friendship between cream and malt. In the end, the purr of the mushrooms is drowned out by the cream. The intensity is upped a notch with blond beers containing more hops like Pilsener Urquell. The creamy melting forms rapidly during the introductions. It is quickly followed by a harmonious union of bitterness: that of the thirst-quenching hops united with that of the mushrooms. It is unctuous, flavourful and refreshing.

Wheat beers like to make use of the creamy heart of a cheese to highlight their fruity flavours. The pairing with Blanche de Chambly, for example, brings to life a velvety lemon meringue pie taste. Here’s a refreshing dessert. It’s the same result with Boréale Blanche. The ginger’s pleasant spice adds exquisite piquant to the cheese’s cream.

The café crème and café moka that this cheese forms with Guinness Pub Draught suit very well the close of a meal. In the end, the roasted coffee flavour dominates in all its splendour. This union can easily accompany the pairing with McEwan’s Scotch Ale that generates a caramel cream pie taste. A delicate flavour of burnt caramel evaporates in the end. The configuration of flavours is similar in the company of Trois-Pistoles. The beginning of the relationship nicely brings out the anise that then envelopes the cream, and finally invites the mushroom to join the feast.