St-Hyacinthe cheesemaking facility

The four secret ingredients of Corneville

In the winter of 1977, Serge Pagé, Jocelyn Dazé, Michel Schiele, and Mario Corriveau would drive up to the Corneville plant in St-Hyacinthe, Quebec, to watch it being built. They were anxious to get started—the first employees hired by French cheese-maker Jean Lovenbruck to develop his new line of local products.

Lovenbruck had special Cartier equipment shipped over from Normandy, and by the summer of 1978 the plant was up and running, producing its very first fine cheeses: camembert, brie, goat cheese, fondue, and spreadable Crème de Camembert.

The employees also created the region’s renowned “du taverne” cheese – made by mixing new and aged cheddar, shallots and beer – as well as special blends flavoured with wine and brandy. Needless to say, the task of making du traverne was a company favourite.

In 1990, Agropur took over Corneville’s cheese-making tradition, adding new specialties like ricotta. Although the plant grew steadily over the years, it only ever shut for a week in its entire history to replace the aging Cartier production line.

Today, Corneville produces many types of cheese and employs some 175 workers – including Serge, Jocelyn, Michel and Mario, the four secret ingredients who continue to pass on their passion and knowledge after more than 30 years of service.

It is what adds that local flavour to all our Corneville cheeses.

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L'histoire de la coopérative d'Adropur