The tale of the Agropur Cooperative

In the thirties, hundreds of dairy cooperatives were born in Quebec, in reaction to the economic crisis and the market conditions that were stifling them. Most of them disappeared and slowly faded from our collective memory. Today, after 70 years, Agropur remains faithful to the original values of these cooperatives and follows the teachings of its predecessors. “A cooperative has no boundaries,” said the founders of Agropur, and these words have never been as true as they are today. They are further embodied by Agropur’s will to consolidate its position as leader of the Canadian industry, become a heavyweight in North America, and expand its influence in the international dairy markets. Milk is our passion and wealth, and it is thanks to our 3,783 member dairy farmers and the expertise of our employees that we can share with you local cheeses of the finest quality.

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