Joël Vajou is our own "Obelix" of cheese. He literally fell into a cauldron of curdled milk at his grandparents’ farm in Brittany when his was very young, which was the start of his life-long love affaire with cheese.

He arrived in Quebec in 1975 and has evolved in the fine cheese sector ever since. He started his career as the director of a pioneering company in the importation business, a position he held for 13 years. He then joined the Agropur Fine Cheeses Division, where he has been vice president of procurement and importing for the past 20 years.

Throughout his career, his professionalism and devotion have earned him many honours and much recognition, including:
Knight of the Mérite Agricole
Chevalier du Brie de Melun
Guard and member of the jury of the Guide des Fromagers

Joël does not endeavour to collect titles and distinctions. Always patient, tenacious and full of good humour, he simply wants to share and pass on his knowledge of this living product by giving advice with an eye to, hopefully, creating a new cheese lover.